• Agent of choice in induction for pediatric age group and elderly.
  • Not used in closed circuits because of toxic product (olefin) production.
  • Non pungent
  • Inhalational agent of choice in pediatric population.
  • Fast acting
  • Smooth induction
  • Safe in children
  • Sweet odor
  • Speedy onset of action
  • Isopropyl ether
  • Safe CVS profile
  • Nonflammable, nonirritating, does not increase heart rate
  • Anaesthetic without epileptogenic potential
  • MAC is 2% 
  • MAC is higher than isoflurane 
  • Blood gas coefficient is higher than desflurane
  • Potency more than cardio depressant than isoflurane
  • Rapid and smooth induction & recovery, partition coefficient 0.68; MAC 2.36
  • Unstable when exposed to soda lime and toxic metabolites (compound A) are formed (renal toxicity)
  • Increases intracranial pressure (↑ICP)
  • Metabolized (3%) more than desflurane,
  • Increases plasma and urinary fluoride ions (renal and hepatic injury)
  • Being tried in Avian and exotic species.
  • Elective urology surgery in pediatrics
  • Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA).
  • Child with intestinal obstruction with deranged liver function test
  • Malignant hyperthermia 
  • Raised intracranial tension
  • Respiratory depression 
  • Nephrotoxicity
Exam Question of:
  • Sevoflurane is Anesthesia of choice for induction of anesthesia in children
  • Sevoflurane is the fastest acting inhalational agent
  • Sevoflurane is the Anaesthetic without epileptogenic potential
  • Sevoflurane causes a rise in the Intracranial pressure
  • Sevoflurane is indicated in elective urology surgery in pediatric patient
  • Sevoflurane Isopropyl ether
  • Sevoflurane MAC is 2% 
  • Sevoflurane Good to use in old age 
  • Sevoflurane MAC is higher than isoflurane & Potency more than cardio depressant than isoflurane
  • Blood gas coefficient of Sevoflurane is higher than desflurane
  • In a child with intestinal obstruction with deranged liver function test, the anesthetic of choice is Sevoflurane 
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