Venous Drainage Of Lower Limb

Superficial Veins:
  • Greater Saphenous
  • Small Saphenous
2. Deep Veins:
  • Femoral vein
  • Profunda femoris vein
  • Popliteal vein
  • Peroneal vein
  • Anterior & Posterior tibial vein
3. Perforating Veins

Anterior Tibial Anterior compartment of leg Popliteal vein Ant. tibial artery
Posterior Tibial Posterior compartment of leg and plantar surface of the foot Popliteal vein Post. tibial artery
Peroneal/Fibular Lateral compartment of the leg Posterior tibial veins Fibiular arteries
Popliteal Peroneal vein before reaching the knee joint(blood from the knee joint and muscles in the thigh and calf) Femoral vein
when leaving the adductor canal
Popliteal artery(extends from the femoral artery behind the poplitealfossa which is the space behind the knee)
Profunda femoris Inner thigh Join with the femoral vein at ischial tuberosity Profunda femoris artery
Femoral(bounds femoral ring from one side)( contains valve) Popliteal veinProfundafemoris veinGreat saphenous vein Lies in adductor or hunter's canal
External iliac vein
(at inf. margin of inguinal ligament)
Femoral artery(in the femoral sheath)
Great Saphenous (passing anterior to the medial malleolus visualized and palpated) Dorsal vein of the first digit (the large toe)(start as continuation of medial marginal vein) Dorsal venous arch of the foot
Femoral vein in the region of the femoral triangle at the saphenofemoral junction.
Small Saphenous Vein (large vein of the superficial posterior leg)( tributary of lateral marginal vein) Originates where Dorsal vein from the fifth digit (smallest toe) merges with the lateral side of dorsal venous arch of the foot Popliteal vein,
( approximately at or above the level of the knee joint)
(runs behind lateral malleolus)
Sural nerve
Achillis tendon medial to vein
Communicating/ Perforating Superficial veins Deep veins -
  • Note :The most important perforator of the Lower limb is between Long saphenous and femoral vein
Exam Question
  • Short saphenous vein is a tributary of lateral marginal vein
  • The femoral ring is bounded by femoral vein on one side
  • Greater saphenous vein can be located Anterior to the medial malleolus
  • Femoral vein passes behind the inguinal ligament
  • Great saphenous vein Starts as a continuation of medial marginal vein
  • The most important perforator of the Lower limb is between Long saphenous and femoral vein
  • Femoral vein contains valve
  • Sural nerve & Achillis tendon are the structures accompanying Small Saphenous Vein
  • Small Saphenous Vein lies behind lateral malleolus
  • Femoral vein lies in femoral sheath
  • Femoral vein lies in hunter canal
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