Cutaneous Tuberculosis

  • Classification (Modified from Beyt et al.)
  • Inoculation tuberculosis (exogenous source)
  • Tuberculosis chancre
  • Warty tuberculosis (verrucosa cutis)
  • Lupus vulgaris (some)
Secondary tuberculosis (endogenous source)
  • Contiguous spread: Scrofuloderma
  • Auto-inoculation: Orificial tuberculosis
  • Haematogenous tuberculosis
  • Acute miliary tuberculosis
  • Lupus vulgaris (some)
  • Tuberculous gumma
Eruptive tuberculosis (tuberculides)
  • Micropapular
  • Lichen scrofulosorum
  • Papular
  • Papular or papulonecrotic tuberculide
  • Nodular
Erythema induratum (Bazin)
  • Nodular tuberculide
  • Erythema nodosum
Exam Question
  • Tuberculosis verrucosa cutis is a form of Postprimary tuberculosis with good resistance.
  • Tuberculosis of skin is called as Lupus Vulgaris.
  • Cutaneous (skin) Tuberculosis secondary to underlying tissue eg lymph node is called as Scrofuloderma..
  • Cutaneous manifestation of tuberculosis:Lupus vulgaris , Scrofuloderma ,Exanthematous lesion.
  • Apple jelly nodules on the nasal septum are found in cases of Lupus Vulgaris.
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