Section (IPC) Offence
44 Injury
46 Death
299 Culpable homicide amounting to murder
300 Murder definition
302 Murder punishment
304 Culpable homicide not amounting to murder
304-A Causing death by rash and negligence act 2 years Punishment
304-B Dowry death
306 Abetment of suicide
307 Attempt to murder
309 Attempt to commit suicide
319 Hurt
320 Grievous hurt:If a person is unable to follow his ordinary
pursuits for a period of 20 days as a result of the injury Includes:
Permanent privation of the sight of either eye
Permanent privation of the hearing of either ear
Privation of any member or joint.
Destruction or permanent impairing of the powers of any member or joint.
Permanent disfiguration of the head or face /vitriolage
Fracture or dislocation of a bone or tooth
Any hurt which endangers life or which
causes the sufferer to be during the space of twenty
days in severe bodily pain or unable to follow his ordinary pursuits.
351 Assault
326 A & B Causing grievous hurt by throwing acid
290 1PC Frotteurism
294 IPC Exhibitionism
297 IPC Necrophilia, Necrophagia
312 IPC Causing miscarriage/criminal abortion
314 IPC Death of patient caused by miscarriage
317 IPC Abandoning a girl child
318 IPC Concealment of birth of a girl child
321 IPC Voluntarily causing hurt
354 IPC Indecent assault
354 - A Sexual harassment
354 - C Voyeurism
354 - D Stalking
370 (PC Trafficking
375 IPC Rape definition
376 IPC Punishment for rape
377 IPC Unnatural sexual offences(SODOMY)
497 (PC Adultery
416 CrPC High court has the power to postponethe execution of death sentence
of a pregnant woman until 6 months after delivery or to commute it
Section 228 A Disclosing identity of rape victim
S 376 (1) IPC Punishment for rape7 years imprisonment + fine
S 376 (2) IPC Rape committed
By Police officerBy
Public servant taking advantage of his official position on a women working under him
By Member of armed forces
By Custodial rape
By Relative, guardian or teacher
During Communal violence
On pregnant women
Women < 16 years
On women suffering from mental or physical disability
Causes grievous injury, disfigures or endangers life of awoman
Repeatedy on the same woman
S 376-A IPC: Rape resulting in death or persistent vegetative state
S 376-B IPC: Sexual intercourse by husband upon his wife during separation
S 376-C IPC: Sexual intercourse by a person on authority
S 376-D IPC: Gang rape
S 376-E IPC: Repeat offenders
82 IPC A child under 7 years of age is incapable of committing an offence
84 IPC Criminal responsibility of mentally ill/ Plead for Insanity
85 IPC An act done by a person, due to intoxication is not an offence,
if he is intoxicated without his knowledge or against his will
86 IPC An intoxicated (voluntary drunkenness) person is criminally responsible,
if he had intention or knowledge of committing a crime
87 IPC A person above 18 years of age can give valid consent to suffer any harm,
which may result from an act not intended or not known to cause death or grievous hurt
89 IPC A child under 12 years and an insane person cannot give valid consent
90 IPC Consent given by a person under fear of injury, intoxication,
misunderstanding of a fact is not valid
92 IPC Any harm caused in good faith, even without the person's consent is not an offence
193 IPC Defines punishment for fabricating false evidence
The witness is liable to be prosecuted for perjury,
and the imprisonment may extend upto seven years
39 CrPC176 IPC Private practitioner should inform the police or magistrate, if hesuspects homicidal poisoning
309 IPC Private practitioner need not inform the police if he is sure that the poisoning is suicidal
201 IPC Not preserving samples with the intention of protecting the accused
IPC section Definition
52 Nothing is said to be done in good faith which is done without due care and attention
74 Nonattendance in obedience to summons from court
175 Omission to produce document to public servant
176 Omission to give notice or information to public servant
177 Furnishing false information
179 Refusing to answer public servant authorized to question
191 Giving false evidence (Perjury)
197 Issuing or signing false certificate
201 Causing disappearance of evidence of offence or giving false information to screen offenders
204 Destruction of document to prevent its production as evidence
269 Negligent act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life
270 Malignant act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life
160 Police officer has the power to summon any witness (doctor) to police station for recording a statement
87 - 93 Legal protection to medical doctors
Other important sections
  • Section 53, CrPC: A registered medical practitioner can examine a person who is arrested on a charge of an offence using reasonable force, if requested by a police officer not below the rank of Sub-Inspector
  • Section 53-A CrPC: When a person is arrested on a charge of committing an offence of rape or an attempt to commit rape
  • S 363, 364, 366 IPC - kidnapping
S 304-B IPC Death of a woman caused by any burn or bodily injury or occurs otherwise than under
normal circumstances within seven years of arriage
Punishment: 10 years imprisonment which may extend to life + fine
S 498-A IPC Whoever (husband or relative) subjects woman to cruelty shall be punished with 3 years imprisonment
Cruelty - willful conduct that drives the woman to commit suicide or grave mental or
physical injury to her or harassment with a view to coerce her for dowry
S 113-A &S 113-B lEA Presumption as to abetment of suicide by a married woman andPresumption as to dowry death
S 174 (3) CrPC Procedure in dowry death
Exam Question
  • Cupable homicide not amounting to murder comes under 304 IPC
  • Criminal responsibility under IPC is not present if age is below 7 years
  • Article 377 of IPC deals with Unnatural sexual offence
  • Dislocation or loss of a tooth,Nasal bone fracture, Loss of hearing of one ear, Emasculation & Any hurt which endangers life come under section 320 of IPC
  • The witness is liable to be prosecuted for perjury, and the imprisonment may extend upto seven years falls under S.193 of I.P.C.
  • Issuing or signing a false certificate is punishable under IPC 197
  • A person is caught for destroying a document which would have been used as an evidence in the court comes under Sec IPC 204
  • Sec IPC 193 defines punishment for fabricating false evidence
  • IPC 304 A is for Gross medical negligence
  • Dying declaration comes under
  • Negligent act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life comes under S.269, IPC
  • S. 351, I.P.C.: An assault is an offer or threat or attempt to apply force to body of another in a hostile manner.
  • Section 228 A IPC section makes the printing or publication of the identity of the rape victim punishable
  • Criminal responsibility in Indian constitution is included in IPC section 84
  • 304-B IPC are concerned with dowry death
  • Sec 300: Murder
  • Sec 304 : Culpable homicide not amounting to murder
  • Sec 307: Attempt to murder
  • Husband/relative of husband cruel behavior towards wife comes under which IPC section 498 A
  • Punishment under 304-A IPC 2 years
  • Sec 44 IPC defines injury
  • Sec. 320, Sec. 331, Sec. 326 of IPC are related to grievous hurt
  • Miscarriage is punishable under which IPC Sec 312
  • Punishment for rape is given under IPC Sec. 376
  • Punishment for rape under Sec. 376(1) IPC is 7 years imprisonment + fine
  • Sec. 377 IPC deals with sodomy
  • To plead for insanity in a court of law, the IPC is Sec. 84
  • 320 IPC includes vitriolage i.e. potential cause of permanent disfigurement of face
  • IPC 319 deals with Definition of hurt
  • IPC 321 deals with Voluntarily causing hurt
  • Hostile witness is covered under IPC section 191
  • IPC 314 deals with Death of patient caused by miscarriage
  • The legal responsibilities of an intoxicated person is given under Section of IPC 85
  • Section 53 IPC is An accused can be examined by a medical practitioner at request of police, even without his consent or by force
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