• In simple astigmatism, foci of image formed on One on retina, other behind the retina
  • The most common type of refractive error is Astigmatism
  • Because of circle of least diffusion, the distant vision is comparatively good in Mixed astigmatism
  • In Against-the-rule astigmatism Horizontal meridian is more curved than the vertical
  • Contact lens is best used in Irregular astigmatism
  • Astigmatism is considered to be Spherical abberation
  • Best corrected Visual Acuity is 6/18 of a patient with a corneal scar which improves with pin hole to 6/9. Best explanation is Irregular astigmatism
  • With the rule astigmatism is present in cornea because vertical meridian more sleep than horizontal meridian
  • Excimer laser is used in the correction of Astigmatism
  • Lens used to treat astigmatism Cylindrical lens
  • Cause of blindness in pterygium is Astigmatism
  • Non perpendicular principal meridians is called irregular astigmatism
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