Caesarean Section

  • Indications for caesarean section in pregnancy are Aortic stenosis, M.R. & Aortic regurgitaion
  • Lower Segment Caesarean section (LSCS) can be carried out under 
  1. General anaesthesia 
  2. Spinal anaesthesia 
  3. Combined Spinal Epidural anaesthesia
  • Absolute indication for caesarean section in pregnancy are
  1. Advanced Carcinoma Cervix 
  2. Central Placenta Praevia 
  3. Contracted Pelvis
  • History of previous classical CS is the contraindication for trial of normal labour after caesarean section
  • Cephalopelvic disproportion is an absolute indication for Caesarean section.
  • In classical caesarean section more chances of rupture of uterus is in Upper uterine segment
  • Best management in Mento-posterior presentation Caesarean section
  • In A multigravida woman was posted for emergency caesarean section Isoflurane should not be used as it causes placental insufficiency
  • Absolute indication for caesarean section is Type IV placenta previa
  • Ideal management of a 37 weeks pregnant elderly primigravida with placenta praevia and active bleeding is Caesarean section
  • Placenat accrete complicates third stage of labour and is associated with a past history of caesarean section
  • Incidence of scar rupture in previous lower segment caesarean section 1%
  • Risk of rupture of uterus with previous classical caesarean section is 4-8%
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