• The idea is regarded as senseless by patient differentiates the obsessional idea from delusions
  • Paranoid delusions are associated with use of Cannabis
  • Formication and delusion of persecution occurs together in abuse with Cocaine
  • Mania, Delirium & Depression are associated with delusion
  • The primary delusion are disorder of Thought
  • Delusion of grandiosity seen in Schizoaffective mania & Paranoid schizophrenia
  • Delusions are not likely to be seen in Conversion disorder
  • Delusion of infidelity of part of the sexual partner is known as Othello syndrome
  • Delusion of doubles is found in Capgras Syndrome
  • Delusion that someone from high socio economic status is loving you is in De Clerambault syndrome
  • The content of thought in delusional paranomia is Foul odour
  • The presence of delusion, hallucination and disturbed cognitive functions indicate Organic Brain Syndrome
  • "Nihilistic delusions" are seen in Endogenous depression
  • Delusions of control, persecution and self reference are seen in Paranoid schizophrenia
  • Othello syndrome is delusion 
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