• A 32-week baby is born to a mother with eclampsia, who was given IV magnesium sulphate. The baby was resuscitated and transferred to the NICU. 12 hours later, the baby showed hypotonia, lethargy, constricted pupils and two episodes of seizures. The staging of HIE is 2
  • The single most effective drug in eclampsia is Magnesium sulphate
  • Hepatic infarcts are seen in Eclampsia
  • Magpie’ regime for a patient with eclampsia is initiated following which respiratory rate is 6/minute and the tendon reflexes are not elicitable should be managed with Inject calcium gluconate 10 ml over 10 minutes
  • Loss of deep tendon reflexesis the earliest sign of magnesium toxicity in a patient with eclampsia on treatment with magnesium sulphate
  • History of eclampsia classes as a high risk pregnancy
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