• Scar endometriosis can occur following Episiotomy, Hysterotomy or Classical Cesarean Section
  • During the delivery, it is necessary to cut an episiotomy. The tear extends through the sphincter of the rectum, but the rectal mucosa is intact. This is Third degree episiotomy A primipara is in labor and an episiotomy is about to be cut. Compared with a midline episiotomy, an advantage of mediolateral episiotomy is Less extension of the incision Most suitable method of treating 4 inch size episiotomy hematoma is by Evacuation
  • The most important step in the treatment of a badly infected episiotomy is Drainage
  • Episiotomy is best done Mediolaterally
  • Advantages of median episiotomy over mediolateral episiotomy are Less blood loss, Easy repair & Muscles are not cut
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