Folic acid deficiency

  • Under the programme of control and prevention of anemia by RCH (Rural child health) 20 mg iron & 0.1 mg folic acid dosage are given
  • Folic acid deficiency is most commonly seen in a pregnant mother who is on phenytoin therapy for epilepsy
  • A 37 year multipara construction labourer has a blood picture showing hypochromic anisocytosis.This is most likely indicative of Combined iron and folic acid deficiency
  • Dilantin causes Folic acid deficiency
  • Folic acid supplementation during lactation period is 300 mg/d.
  • Vitamin B12 and Folic acid deficiency is associated with a Raised MCV and Normal MCHC
  • Megaloblastic anemia due to folic acid deficiency is commonly due to Inadequate dietary intake
  • Gamma glutamate carboxypeptidase is linked with absorption of Folic acid
  • FIGLU Test is used for deficiency of Folic acid
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