• Refractive condition of the eye at birth is Hypermetropia of 2 D
  • One millimeter decrease in axial length of the eyeball leads to hypermetropia of 3 dioptres
  • One millimeter increase in the radius of curvature of cornea leads to hypermetropia of 6 dioptres
  • Over correction is preferable in Hypermetropia
  • Excimer laser is used in the correction of Myopia, Hypermetropia & Astigmatism
  • Angle closure glaucoma may be associated with Hypermetropia
  • Cause of hypermetropia are Short axial length of the eyeball, Flat cornea & Anterior dislocation of the lens
  • Shortening of 2 mm of axial length of eye ball causes 6D hypermetropia
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