• In a patient with iridocyclitis Ring synechiae result in iris bombe formation
  • Painful eye movement is a feature of Iridocyclitis
  • Iridocyclitis is a feature of Seronegative pauciarticular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  • Pain, Ciliary congestion & Small pupil are seen in acute Iridocyclitis
  • Numerous small keratic precipitates, Marked ciliary congestion & No iris nodules are features of acute non­granulomatous iridocyclitis
  • Role of atropine in iridocyclitis includes 
  1. Dilation of the pupil, prevents the formation of synechiae and may break the already formed syne chiae
  2. Gives comfort and rest to the eye by relieving ciliary muscle spasm
  3. Reduces exudation by decreasing hyperaemia
  4. Sign of activity in chronic iridocyclitis is Aqueous cells
  • The pathognomonic sign of acute iridocyclitis is Keratic precipitates
  • Reiter's syndrome is typically characterised by Urethritis, arthritis and conjunctivitis with or without iridocyclitis
  • Secondary glaucoma is the most common complication of iridocyclitis
  • The commonest side effect of lens implant surgery is iridocyclitis
  • Pilocarpine is contraindicated in iridocyclitis
  • In Iridocyclitis, the pupil is Constricted and irregular
  • Amsler sign Fuch heterochromatic iridocyclitis
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