Lesions of radial nerves

  • Injection palsy(Tetracycline injection)
  • Injury to radial nerve in lower part of spiral groove results in Anconeus muscle paralysis. 
  • If lesion occurs in radial groove long head of triceps are spared & thus it leaves extensions at elbow joint intact. 
  • Radial nerve palsy produces an inability to extend the metacarpophalangeal joints, owing to paralysis of the extensor digitorum communis muscle.
  • In radial nerve injury triceps(Nerve supply to the triceps is proximal to the mid shaft level) are spared.
  • Low radial nerve palsy occurs when the radial nerve is injured at the level of elbow, so that the muscles supplied by the radial nerve in the distal arm (Brachioradialis and Extensor Carpi radialis longus ) are not affected. The muscles affected are finger extensors, extensor carpi radialis brevis & sensation on dorsum of hand.
  • Radial nerve injury cause anaesthesia over anatomical snuff box
  • Radial nerve injury only weakens (affects) abduction & extension movements of thumb and spares flexion, adduction & opposition
  • Cock-up splint is used for radial nerve palsy (extensors of wrist and metacarpophalangeal joints paralyzed)
  • In radial nerve injury Below the elbow low radial nerve palsy occurs.
  • Wrist drop- fracture is seen in radial nerve injury.
  • radial nerve injury is most common in case of # of middle 3rd of shaft of humerus.
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