Screening of disease is Secondary level of prevention
  • Desks provided with table top to prevent neck problems is an example of Primary prevention
  • Primary prevention includes
  1. Support
  2. Control of tobacco
  3. Radiation protection 
  4. Marriage counselling
  5. Installation of sanitary latrines
  6. Immunization
  7. Use of mosquito net
  8. Provision of safe water
  9. Cancer education
  10. Administration of vit A in children
  11. Health education
  12. Health promotion
With regard to hypertension:
  • Weight reduction
  • Exercise
  • Reduced salt intake
Methods of primordial prevention of diseases:
  1. Regular exercise
  2. Abstinence from alcohol intake
  3. Dietary change
  4. Maintenance of normal body weight
  5. Change in life style
  • A concept directed against prevention of risk factors of coronary artery disease is Primordial prevention
  • Main intervention in primordial prevention is Education
  • Pap smear is an example of Secondary level of prevention
  • Action which halts the progression of a disease in early stage Secondary prevention
  • Disability limitation is a part of prevention Tertiary
  • Preservation of traditional diet in low NCD area is primordial prevention for NCD (non communicable disease) 
  • Sputum examination for AFB is a type of Secondary prevention
  • Primordial prevention is the Prevention of diseases through modification of their risk factors
Tertiary level prevention:
  1. Tendon transplant in leprosy
  2. Physiotherapy in residual polio myelitis
  3. Provision of spectacles for refractive errors
  4. Chemoprophylaxsis is Primary prevention
  • Benzathine Pencillin prophylaxis for rheumatic fever comes under Secondary prevention
  • Amniocentesis is early pregnancy for genetic disorders is a kind of Secondary prevention
  • Sentinel surveillance be categorised Secondary prevention
  • Primary level of prevention means Action taken prior to the onset of disease, which removes the possibility that a disease will ever occur
  • Primordial prevention for CAD is Preserving traditional lifestyle
  • Mode of prevention in CHD Primordial prevention
  • Using seatbelt is Secondary prevention
  • Secondary level of prevention is important in TB & Leprosy
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