Limbic System and Hippocampus

  • Hippocampus Lesion affects memory transformation from short term to long term .
  • Hippocampal lesions primarily affect Declarative or Explicit memory.
  • A short duration high frequency stimulation with 5 Hz of perforating substance pathway in hippocampus leads to long term potentiation.
  • Hippocampus is most prone to hypoxic injury.
  • Mineralocorticoid receptors are expressed in many tissues, such as the kidney, colon, heart, central nervous system (hippocampus), brown adipose tissue and sweat glands..
  • Hippocampus & amygdala are the site of lesion in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • The characteristic histopathological picture in rabies is the intra-cytoplasmic inclusion body (Negri body) in the neurons, most abundant in the cerebellum and Hippocampus.
  • Major depression is thought to be caused by changes in monoamine synapses in the Limbic System.
  • Window of limbic system is Amygdala.
  • Functions of limbic system includes emotion,memory,higher function.
  • Herpes simplex encephalitis :Acute necrotising infection involving frontal, temporal lobe & limbic system.
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