• Neurotransmitter Noradrenaline is found in increased qualities in mania 
  • Dipsomania is usually used in context of Alcohol
  • Hypersexuality, Elated mood,Insomnia,Presssure of speech, Grandeur delusion, High self esteem, Hyperactivity & Decreased sleep are seen in mania
  • Bipolar II disorder includes Major depression & hypomania
  • Commonest side effect of Lithium treatment in mania is tremor
  • Amiloride is DOC for Li induced diabetes insipidus in mania
  • Lithium, Valproate & Olanzapine are given in acute mania
  • Erotomania is seen in Bipolar mania
  • Kleptomania means Irresistible desire to steal things
  • Kleptomania/pyromania is a Impulse disorder
  • Excessive buying is termed as Oniomania
  • For diagnosis of mania symptoms should be > 1 week
  • 18 year old girl with circumscribed bald patch with no organic disease & no behavioural disorder has Trichotillomania
  • Pyromania refers to an irresistible urge to Set things on fire
  • Pathognonomic of maniac episode is Grandiosity
  • Trichotillomania is Compulsive hair pulling
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