Maternal mortality indicator

  • Most common heart disease which is associated with maximum mortality during pregnancy is Eisenmenger syndrome
  • MC cause of maternal mortality is Post-partum hemorrhage
  • Primary pulmonary hypertension during pregnancy has the highest maternal mortality rate
  • Sample registration system is the national level system that provides annual national as well as state level reliable estimation of fertility and mortality
  • Numerator in Maternal mortality rate includes complications related deaths up to 42 days after pregnancy
  • In India direct causes of maternal mortality are
  1. Eclampsia
  2. Hemorrhage
  3. Abortion
  • Maximum maternal mortality during peripartum period occurs at Immediate post-partum
  • Maternal mortality refers to maternal deaths from causes related to or aggravated by pregnancy and its management during Pregnancy, child birth or first 42 days after delivery
  • Haemorrhage, sepsis, abortion, obstructed labour is the correct descending order due to which the maternal deaths occur in India
  • Hepatitis E virus is Associated with increased mortality in pregnant female
  • Denominator for maternal mortality rate is 100,000 live births
  • "Second" most common cause of maternal mortality in India is Anemia
  • The single most common cause of maternal mortality is Obstetric hemorrhage
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