• Osteoarthritis involve Hip joint, DIP & Cervical region
  • In patients with osteoarthritis of knee joint, atrophy occurs most commonly in Qudriceps
  • According to American College of Rheumatology clinical criteria for the diagnosis of osteoarthritis is Lack of warmth, Crepitus & Age > 50 years
  • Late complication of Acetabular fracture are Secondary osteoarthritis of hip joint 
  • Fracture of talus without displacement in x-ray would lead to Osteoarthritis of ankle & Avascular necrosis of body of talus
  • Osteoarthritis Indications of arthoplasty 
  • Least common site to be involved in osteoarthritis is Metacarpophalangeal joint
  • Coraco-clavicular Joint LEAST involved in primary osteoarthritis
  • Most common joint involved in osteoarthritis in India is Knee
  • Part of knee most commonly involved in osteoarthritis is Medial compartment
  • Heberden's nodes are found in DIP joints in osteoarthritis 
  • Arthritis involving DIP, PIP, 1st carpometacarpal with sparing of MCP and wrist joints is typical of Osteoarthritis
  • Progressive softening of the articular cartilage , Involves synovial joints & Marginal osteophytes are produced in osteoarthritis
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