• Increased deposition of osteoid with decreased mineralization is the most characteristic finding in Osteomalacia
  • Increase in osteoid maturation time is associated with Osteomalacia
  • Hyperphosphatemia is the biochemical abnormality help to differentiate renal osteodystrophy from nutritional and genetic forms of osteomalacia
  • Bisphosphonate-induced osteomalacia is commonly seen with Etidronate
  • In 30 years female, with high alkaline phosphatase, low serum calcium, low serum phosphatase diagnosis is osteomalacia
  • Osteomalacia is Commoner in females
  • Osteomalacia is seen in Muscular weakness
  • Loosers zone on X-ray is diagnostic of Osteomalacia 
  • Increased alkaline phosphatase, Proximal myopathy & Looser's zone are diagnostic features of osteomalacia
  • Pseudo fracture occurs in Osteomalacia
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