• Oxytocin sensitivity is increased during delivery
  • In lactating women genital stimulation enhances oxytocin release
  • Oxytocin challenge test for assessing fetal well being is contraindicated in 
  1. Placenta previa
  2. Previous 2 LSCS
  3. Premature labour
  • Posterior pituitary secretes Oxytocin
  • Oxytocin causes Milk ejection, Contraction of uterine muscle & Myoepithelial cell contraction
  • Post partum hemorrhage, Uterine inertia & Breast engorgment due to inefficient milk ejection reflex are indication for oxytocin
  • Side effect of oxytocin are Placental abruption, Fetal distress & Water intoxication
  • Oxytocin is synthesized in Hypothalamus
  • Oxytocin is Polypeptide
  • Oxytocin is Secreted in both sexes
  • Oxytocin is an example of neurohormone
  • Atosiban is Oxytocin antagonist
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