Placenta Previa

  • Anti-D administration, Corticosteroids & Blood transfusion are included in the expectant management of placenta praevia
  • In Browne's classification of placenta
    previa, the placenta covers the internal os when closed but not when fully dilated is Type 3
  • The initial hemorrhage is usually painless and fatal in placenta praevia
  • A patient with 37 weeks of pregnancy and severe degree of placenta previa with bleeding per vagina, the next step of management should be immediate C.S.
  • Per vaginal examination is contraindicated in a patient with placenta previa prior to term.
  • There may be torrential bleeding if PV is done in a patient with placenta previa.
  • Expectant management of placenta praevia by Macafee and Johnson method
  • A lady with placenta previa delivered a baby. She had excessive bleeding and shock. After resuscitation most likely complication would be Loss of menstruation
  • Placenta previa is characterized by Painless , Causeless & Recurrent bleeding
  • Expectant line of management in placenta previa is contraindicated in Active labour
  • Premature labour is common in placenta previa
  • The best way to diagnose the degree of placenta previa is Trans vaginal sonography
  • Placenta previa mouth is associated with Large placenta, Previous C. S. scar & Previous placenta previa
  • Incidence increases by two fold after LSCS
  • Conservative management is contraindicated in a case of Placenta previa in Evidence of fetal distress, Fetal malformations & Women in labour
  • Termination of pregnancy in placenta previa is in­dicated in Active bleeding, active labour & Fetal malformation
  • A 32 weeks pregnant women presents with mild uterine contraction and on examination her vitals are stable and placenta previa type III can be treated with Bed rest + Nifedipine and Dexamethasone
  • Cesarean section is absolutely indicated in Type IV placenta previa
  • A case of central placenta previa with anencephaly fetus should be delivered by Cesarean section
  • Vaginal delivery is contraindicated in Central placenta previa.
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