• Dead bone on an X-ray looks More radio-opaque
  • The radiological feature of Pindborg's tumour is Driven snow appearance
  • The earliest evidence of Rickets is seen by Radiological examination of growing end of bone
  • In scurvy Pelican spur,Zone of demarcation near epiphysis & Frenkel's line are seen
  • MRI is the best choice to evaluate radiologically a posterior fossa tumor
  • Multiple sharply demarcated radiolucent lesions separated by areas of dense and sclerotic bone in x-ray is suggestive of Adamantinoma
  • In radionuclide imaging the most useful radio pharmaceutical for skeletal imaging is Technetium-99m linked to Methylene dis-phos-phonate (99mTc-MDP)
  • Characteristic radiological feature of fibrous dysplasia is Ground glass appearance
  • Radiological factors indicating an unstable pelvis are 
  1. Posterior sacroiliac complex displacement by > 1 cm
  2. Avulsion fracture of sacral or ischial end of the sacrospinous ligament 
  3. Avulsion fractures of the L5 transverse process
  • X-ray showing a radiolucent mass surrounded by sclerosis may be diagnosed as Osteoid osteoma
  • Forefinger with glass retained piece can be diagnosed by Plain radiograph
  • Tear drop sign is seen in Blow out fracture
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