• In a patient with renal cell carcinoma invading IVC and the renal vein Chest x-ray should be done to rule out pulmonary metastasis.
  • The most definitive method of diagnosing pulmonary embolism is Pulmonary arterigraphy
  • Features of a benign lung lesion are Speckled calcification
  • Oesophageal dysmotility, Erosion of the tip of the phalanges & Lung nodules are radiological features of scleroderma
  • Best method for detecting minimal bronchiectasis is CT scan
  • Coarctation of aorta causes rib-notching on the chest radiography
  • Earliest sign of pulmonary venus hypertension on chest radiograph is Cephalization of veins
  • Asthma, Post nasal drip & GERD are the causes of chronic cough with noncontributory chest radiograph.
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