Reye's syndrome

  • Reye's syndrome – histological finding is Glycogen depletion
  • A child with a history of viral infection presented with metabolic lactic acidosis along with hyperammonemia and convulsion. The most probable diagnosis is Reye's syndrome
  • Reye's syndrome following influenza is most commonly associated with Type B
  • Reye's syndrome is diagnosed by using with stain Oil-red-0 stain
  • Reye's Syndrome is cause by Adeno virus, Herpes & Influenza
  • Reye's Syndrome fequently complicates viral infections
  • Reye's Syndrome may be precipitated by salictylates
  • Prothrombin time is prolonged in Reye's Syndrome 
  • Cerebral edema is seen in Reye's Syndrome
  • Aspirin is associated with Reye's Syndrome
  • Metabolic acidosis, Increased serum transaminases & Respiratory alkalosis are seen in Reye's syndrome 
  • Reye's syndrome is characterized by encephalitis, fatty liver and following biochemical changes like Moderate elevation of SGOT and SGPT, Hypoglycemia & Hypoglycorrhoea
  • Cause of Reye's syndrome in children is Influenza virus
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