• To determine the correct amount of RhoGAM (anti-D immune globulin) that should be given Kleihauer-Betke laboratory test should be done.
  • The test used to differentiate between maternal and fetal blood in a given sample is Apt test
  • Most severely affected child in Rh-isoimmunisation patient is Rh negative mother with Rh positive in 2nd child
  • In an Rh negative mother who has delivered an Rh positive baby, prophylactic anti D is indicated If the Indirect Coomb's test (ICT) negative
  • The dose of anti D gamma globulin given after term delivery for a Rh negative mother and Rh positive baby is 300 micro gram
  • The antigen lacking in Rh negative person is D
  • Anti-D Rh is given for Rh positive father,Rh negative mother
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