• Tentative" cuts are seen in Suicide
  • Incidence of suicide is 8-10 / 1 lac population
  • A female presents with the history of slashed wrists and attempted suicide, now presents with similar history. The diagnosis is Borderline personality
  • Most common mental disorder as a cause of suicide Depression
  • The 'Japanese Detergent Suicide Technique' involves mixing of common household chemical to produce H2S and other poisonous gases
  • The most common death by suicide is by Insecticide
  • Hesitation cuts are seen in a case of Suicide
  • Harakiri method of suicide involves stabbing into Abdomen
  • Suicide rate in India is 36 per lac population
  • A female treatment for depression took a massive dose of amitriptyline for suicide is treated by Gastric lavage, Sodium bicarbonate & Diazepam injection
  • Drug ingestion is the most common cause of parasuicide
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