Twin Pregnancy

  • Separate chorion and amnion is a feature of dizygotic twins
  • Hydramnios, Pregnancy induced hypertension & Malpresentation complications may develop later in primigravida showing twin pregnancy 
  • Most common type of twin pregnancy is Both vertex
  • Twin peak in dichorionicity in twin pregnancy
  • If division of fertilized egg occurs at 4-8th day it give rise to Diamnionic monochorionic twin pregnancy 
  • In an uncomplicated twin pregnancy normal delivery should be attempted if First baby – Vertex and second baby transverse lie
  • In twin pregnancy, treatment of choice when first baby is in transverse lie is Cesarean section
  • Most common type of twin pregnancy is Diamniotic monochorionic twins
  • Twin pregnancy, but due to two different men is called Superfecundation
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