• Ulnar nerve commonly seen involved In injuries at the elbow are usually associated with fractures of the medial epicondyle.
  • Ring & little fingers are not capable of being markedly flexed 
  • The patient is unable to adduct and abduct the fingers and consequently is unable to grip a piece of paper placed between the fingers.
  • It is impossible to adduct the thumb in ulnar nerve palsy
  • The metacarpophalangeal joints become hyperextended in ulnar nerve palsy
  • In case of lesion of ulnar nerve, paralysis of interosseous muscles occurs which leads to clumsiness
  • claw deformity is seen in long standing case of ulnar nerve palsy
  • Loss of skin sensation will be observed over the anterior and posterior surfaces of the medial third of the hand 
  • TARDY ULNAR NERVE PALSY is seen in lateral condyle # of humerus resulting in ulnar nerve injury
  • Cubitus valgus deformity and tardy ulnar nerve palsy is seen as the late complication of ulnar nerve injury
  • Hypothenar atrophy is seen in ulnar nerve injury.
  • Ape thumb deformity is associated with ulnar nerve palsy.
  • It is the most common nerve involved in Hansen's disease(leprosy)
  • Froment sign is test use to detect ulnar nerve palsy
  • Knuckle bender splint is used in palsy of ulner nerve.
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