• Indication of internal podalic version is Transverse lie of second twin
  • Contraindication to External Cephalic Version are Contracted pelvis, Antepartum hemorrhage & Multiple pregnancy
  • The danger of internal podalic version in obstructed labour is Rupture of lower uterine segment
  • Internal podalic version is done under General anaesthesia
  • Incorrect about external cephalic version is Done at 34 week, Abruption of placenta is a complication & Done under general anesthesia
  • Only indication for internal version nowadays is Second fetus of twins
  • External cephalic version is contraindicated in Twins, Placenta previa & Previous
  • The complication that can occur with internal po­dalic version for transverse lie is Uterine rupture
  • External cephalic version (ECV) is CONTRAINDICATED in PIH
  • A full-term multigravida is having breech presentation. Ideal management in this case would be External cephalic version followed by vaginal delivery
  • Ideal management of 37 weeks uncomplicated breech pregnancy is External cephalic version and trial of vaginal delivery
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