Vitamin K

  • Both Vitamin K and C are involved in Post translational modifications
  • Gamma carboxylation of glutamic acid in clotting factor II, VII and protein C is dependent on Vitamin K
  • Glutamate is carboxylated by vitamin K to be biologically active
  • Vitamin K dependent coagulation factors include IX and X
  • Vitamin K dependent clotting factor is Factor VII
  • Vitamin beneficial in osteoporosis in combination with Vitamin D is Vitamin K
  • Vitamin K increase synthesis of factor II, VII, IX & X 
  • Vitamin K synthesis Doesn't require exposure to sunlight
  • Vitamin K Causes hemolytic anemia 
  • Warfarin acts by Inhibition of Vitamin K epoxide reductase
  • Dicumarol interferes with Vitamin K
  • The function of vitamin K largely depends on calcium
  • Breast milk is deficient in vitaminK
  • Prophylactic dose of vitamin K given to new born infants at delivery is 1mg
  • Vitamin K is required for Carboxylation
  • Vitamin synthesized by bacteria in the intestine is vitamin K
  • If a patient is on Warfarin and INR comes out to be 8. Next step would be to stop the drug and Give oral Vitamin K1
  • In biliary obstruction, Vitamin K deficiency will be seen
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