• Xerophthalmia is seen in Primary Sjogren syndrome
  • Night blindness >1%, Bitot’s spots >0.05% & Corneal ulcer>0.05% is an indicator of significant xerophthalmia problem in community
  • Serum retinol below 10 mcg/ dl level is considered to be an indicator for xerophthalmia 
  • Xerophthalmia is caused by Small bowel resection & Cystic fibrosis
  • 110 mg orally on two successive days is the dosage of retinol palmitate for early stages of xerophthalmia
  • Xerosis/ Xerophthalmia is due to deficiency of Vitamin A
  • Xerophthalmia can be caused by Steven-Johnson syndrome , Vitamin A deficiency & Sulfa drugs
  • In xerophthalmia classification X 2 stage is Bitots spots
  • Children with apathy, general weakness, loosening of skin, marasmic features also has X3 B xerophthalmia features. Eye finding will be Corneal ulcer with full thickness
  • Epithelial xerosis of conjunetiva is caused by Xerophthalmia
  • Xerophthalmia Grade X-3A Corneal ulcer involving less than 1/3 of corneal surface
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